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(no subject)
So it's been a while...
I've been awfully busy - working + school.

I got an 88% on my last stats test *yay* :D

My birthday is next Sat Nov 12 - going off to the bedford BALLROOM and then dance cave (that is, if i'm mobile).

Reservations @ Bedford are for 9p if you're down.

Fell out of the long standing Joan/Abe crush.
Fell into one from 10 years ago *sigh* ahhh l'amour...or rather, infatuation? we'll see i suppose, only time will tell...

though i am trying to stay out of trouble, really.

much <3,

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crush from 10 years ago? who is that?

more than 10 years ago...more like 11 or 12 years ago.
someone from grade school :P

you coming out for my bday? :D

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