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Wow...what can I say's as though I have a constant flush upon my cheeks. *sigh*

My heart flutters every now and then with memories of three days...his smile, his face...his smooth skin against my cheek, his smell. Wow. I haven't been this smitten in quite some time...quite some time and must I say I'm really quite quite smitten. A smitten kitten. I glow according to some. Glow!

He says he's in it for the long term...that he wouldn't otherwise What a guy! What guy...yeah. :) So soon yet so good. So fast yet so right. I know I'm supposed to be feeling a little guilty given an almost 13 month relationship ended just a week ago and here I find myself absolutely floored by someone else at all. It just feels too... Though I must admit I'm a little hesitant at exposing myself completely for fear of burnage...however...I want to. I want to so badly.

But you know? It wasn't was there all along...a build up in denial. I was talking to Mare today about how surprised I am and sudden it all was. She said it wasn't...that it happened before I left but...yeah. Wow.

I'm getting my fairy tale I think...just in another form. Who flies 2000 miles to be with someone for 3 days? :) :D

Yes. He does. For me...
and with him
he's stolen...

my heart.




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