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Stickshifts and Safetybelts are here to stay
The song that got me through the last trip now tears me apart.

When I told you about this song and how it reminded me of us, you said you didn't like was far too hillbilly. That hurt me. It's what got me through. Remembering how much that small distance between us in your car used to tear you apart. The tone happy yet a sense of necessity and desperation...anxiety in a way.

I'm so sorry for being far away.

I'm so sorry it had to end this way.

I'm so sorry I made you give up. Happy thoughts of us kept me going.

I just needed you to be there. I just needed you to still want me.

I guess...out of sight, out of mind worked for you.

Distance made my heart grow fonder...but not yours apparently.

I can't believe you gave up...after everything. After so long of waiting and finally being able to be together...after all these just gave up, just like that.

I'm okay most of the's just times like this...before I go to bed.

I'm sorry.


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