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<3 to <3 on domestic violence
I went out last night with someone and had a heart to heart talk.

I met my mother in her and saw her in a different light...the real issues behind abused women.

I remember the powerful images from the documentary/movie Tama ba? Tama na!: Enough is Enough in which my mother played the leading lady.

I remember it was difficult for her to play it because it caused a lot of memories to resurface of her and my father. I was only 11/12 when she took up that project. I remember it so well. I remember understanding the issue, and wishing I was old enough to play her daughter. I remember playing the extra and doing cartwheels in my yellow pouffy dress.

It debuted at the Toronto Film Festival.

...Last night made me reflect upon what I want to do with my life. I'm almost 24 and have 2 possible options in my mind that I'd like to pursue. Law and writing. I want to help in the community...with something that hits close to home. Addictions, domestic violence, the filipino community, labour law...

What do I care most about? I have another couple years to figure it out before I'm done...but I know I want to work for the underdog. My aunt thinks I'm too socially conscious...compassionate.

I also am very interested in the mind and how it works... I know I want a challenge.

Only time will tell...


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